Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The End 2

Last time, the rainforest ended with a bang on the final night hike: a snake, a lizard and a caiman, oh my! What more could a young herpetologist want in his final hours in the jungle? This time, instead of showing off its abundance of reptiles, the rainforest decided to show off its abundance of rain. I guess that's the universe telling me to study something else. Just a few measly frogs and insects before it started pouring until early morning. But that's fine, there's no use in romanticizing any arbitrary night when you've spent an entire month in the most biodiverse place in the world. 

More thrilling rainforest tales and pictures like this one later. 

Another great time in Ecuador has ended and now I'm back in the lame freezing cold northeast. After a day of this winter BS, I'm sick of it so I'm going to Puerto Rico. See you in a week.