Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm famous!

The widely read, critically acclaimed, and constantly deleted mass-emailed spam, BU Today, has written a piece on my herpetology class' spring break field trip to Florida! In addition to this already wide coverage, apparently eminent herpetologist Harry Greene posted it on his Facebook along with Allen Salzberg, the man who runs Herp Digest. Wow. If you have no idea who these people are, then you are probably a normal human being.

While the written article does not mention me specifically, they used a bunch of my photos along with some great shots from a classmate of mine (more of her pictures). So that should be some nice exposure and proof that I am now a professional photographer, having my work featured in such a hard hitting news outlet. Journalism truly is the life of kings.

The fun doesn't end there. I was lucky enough to make an appearance in the final cut of the video where I eloquently state "I really like lizards..." within my second sentence. Dressed in doofy field gear, nonetheless!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Betrayal; Apology

I am sorry to inform you guys that I have betrayed the Derpetologist brand name by writing a guest post for "BU Culture Shock." I know how many of you depend on content from this blog to ruin your more exciting lives and the fact that I would write anywhere else while leaving this site dormant for nearly five months is unacceptable.

In my defense, it was in response to a post by my friend Evan (READ THIS FIRST). I was unhappy with his over-romanticized take on an event that I happened to be present at, so I quickly formulated my response here (READ SECOND)

The guy in the red hat is Evan. 

So there you go. Hopefully my attempt at writing that is riddled with only 30% sarcasm is somewhat enjoyable. You can find a humorous foreshadowing of the event from back in the day HERE.

Wow, look at that tongue/teeth/saliva. 

I wish I could tell you that it ends there, but it doesn't. I wrote a post about the lovely lizard you see above for a blog all about anoles. While less exciting, depending on your opinion of lizards, there is a video and videos are always fun. Read here.

Next: More Florida

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Florida: Land of Dreams

Hello everyone. I am back from the wonderful state of happiness that is anywhere with an abundance of lizards. Unfortunately I've returned to the freezing reptile-free northeast where I am now depressed because it's cold and there are no lizards running around outside of my bedroom. My therapist tells me that I should find an outlet to express myself (and also to find a new hobby) which is why I am writing here today.

Some typical Floridian avian fauna. 

Nonetheless, I am back from Florida with a few adventures to share, a surplus of subpar photographs, a handful of decent photographs, and the common cold. Everyday was packed to the brim with class activities which meant going to sleep late and waking up early leading to sleep deprivation and my current infected state.

Watch out, National Geographic! There's a new photographer in town.

But I have no regrets! I spent every waking moments lizarding and trying to figure out how to take fancy pictures with my new camera. While I still think I managed better with my beloved old Samsung point-and-shoot (RIP), the DSLR has more potential and should eventually let me take super-human macro pictures once I amass the skills and large sums of money for the necessary equipment. 

Here are a few things to look forward to:
  • A decent picture of a crocodile
  • A bad picture of a chameleon 
  • A potentially humorous video (within the next year)
Goodnight everybody!