Monday, March 24, 2014

Betrayal; Apology

I am sorry to inform you guys that I have betrayed the Derpetologist brand name by writing a guest post for "BU Culture Shock." I know how many of you depend on content from this blog to ruin your more exciting lives and the fact that I would write anywhere else while leaving this site dormant for nearly five months is unacceptable.

In my defense, it was in response to a post by my friend Evan (READ THIS FIRST). I was unhappy with his over-romanticized take on an event that I happened to be present at, so I quickly formulated my response here (READ SECOND)

The guy in the red hat is Evan. 

So there you go. Hopefully my attempt at writing that is riddled with only 30% sarcasm is somewhat enjoyable. You can find a humorous foreshadowing of the event from back in the day HERE.

Wow, look at that tongue/teeth/saliva. 

I wish I could tell you that it ends there, but it doesn't. I wrote a post about the lovely lizard you see above for a blog all about anoles. While less exciting, depending on your opinion of lizards, there is a video and videos are always fun. Read here.

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