Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Finally visited the University San Francisco de Quito for orientation today. My host family asked the woman who lives below us to drive me since she works in the area, Cumbaya, a valley outside of Quito. I spent the whole time taking pictures of the mountains while we were driving.

And the University is really cool. I'm really tired so I'm just going to post pictures and explain the University in-depth at a later time. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so this post should technically be a lot of words. Adios.


Isn't this some Lost shit?

Giant pineapple surrounded by trees.

Zipline you can take across the Asian inspired eutrophic pond complete with koi.

Giant pineapple covered with ferns.


  1. Also, this might help you and the family adjust to each other. Your vecina sounds wonderful.


  2. Muchas gracias mi amigo y lolololol