Monday, January 7, 2013

Things are really getting real now

So now that I've actually taken some pictures of Quito I can start blogging for real because what's a good blog entry without pictures?

This was taken on the roof of where I live. Woohoo mountains.

More mountains. So on the topic of mountains, here's a story about the events surrounding my first interactions with my host family. I arrived in Quito at around seven and at the same time their cat of five years which they had raised since it was a darling little kitty was in the hospital because it fell out of a window in their apartment. They live on the fifth floor.

They apologized for the sad atmosphere, especially since it was my first day, but all I can do is wonder. Am I a bad omen? Do I kill cats? Am I their new cat?

I don't know, but so far my host family is muy bueno and the food has been good. Here are some groovy doovy trees outside my window.


  1. yay a real post with visuals! sorry to hear about the cat though D:

  2. Jon, don't be ridiculous, you're not their new cat. You are their nuevo gato.