Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I've been up to...

So I've been getting lazy with blogging since there are important things to do like apply for internships this summer and not blog and travel Ecuador and stuff. Sorry y'all.

Here is what I've been up to since I last posted:
  • Went on an excursion with all the BU kids to that lake I posted about last time and to Otovalo, a giant hat market where I bought my hat
  • Finished the first course: Tropical Montane Biology
    • We briefly visited a mountain called Papallacta (potato field) to see how the flora and minimal fauna changes with elevation. 
      • This concluded with downtime in thermal hot springs.
    • Went to Cotopaxi (giant snow capped mountain/volcano) to see paramo (alpine grassland).
    • Stayed at La Hesperia, a dairy farm/biological reserve for a weekend to learn about cloud forest flora and fauna. 
  • Finished with intensive Spanish class. 
    • Only class is biology from 9 to 12 besides field trips.
  • Visited Mindo for a weekend on my own with a few friends.
    • It is a town in a cloud forest that runs on eco-tourism.
    • Pictures here
  • Turned 21. 
  • Tried to take a nap today. Success was variable.
What I'm gonna do:
  • Learn to cook food from my host mother after writing this post.
  • Live with indigenous people in another cloud forest this weekend.
  • Frolic at the beach for 10 days with the class for our second block, Tropical Coast Beach Fun Time. 
  • Take a short 2-credit dry cleaning class at the Galapagos for 8 days somewhere between March 1st-15th. 
  • Go to the rainforest for a month to search for some elusive trees. 
  • Return home to no internship and consequently no future. Tentative. 
Up next on the blog:
  • Post about what I've been eating with a lot of pictures.
  • Complain that I haven't seen any lizards.
  • More videos.
Here are all my Ecuador videos: VIDEOS


  1. The call of the Scinax elaeochrous sounds suspiciously like that of a dog . . . The cloud forests looked awesome.

  2. your posts are getting very concise haha sounds fun tho! Your pictures are freaking awesome btw :D love nature close ups! and why do you want to cook so fast... D: foodie...

  3. Woops, I meant that I was going to cook in less than 20 minutes from when I was writing this blog post.