Thursday, February 28, 2013

More "The Coast"

Oh yeah, so some of you may know of my anti-sea turtle stance. In a nutshell, sea turtles are just too charismatic. Everyone likes them. An interest in sea turtles basically renders your personality boring and without any real passion. Also, since they are all endangered you can't catch them and watch them play in an aquarium in your room. Oh wait, they grow way too big to even keep in a fish tank! Plus marine aquaculture is annoying in general. There are only 7 species of sea turtles out of around 300 species of turtle. What an underwhelming, insignificant minority. Plus they live in the ocean and I hate the ocean. Bah humbug.

Anyway, on the first night at the coast a few people found a sea turtle nesting on the beach at night. When my friends and I got word of this we ran and watched it clumsily crawl up the sand in order to dig its nest for the next generation of sea turtles. I fell asleep on the sand under the stars because the whole process took 3 hours in total, but it was a magical experience and made me almost have an interest in these animals.

Alright, fine. It was actually amazing to see a sea turtle in person and watch it nest.

Crawling back to the ocean.

Unfortunately, the beach where this turtle laid is likely to be submerged during high tide. Darn global climate change. This beach was probably fine when she hatched out of it. In conclusion, what a magical beginning to an otherwise underwhelming week at the coast.

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