Thursday, June 5, 2014

Official Managerial Business and Logistics of the Highest Order

Hello all. Thank you for your loyal viewership. This will be an official announcement for the tumblr I started two weeks ago. The decision to branch out into other forms of social media was spurred by my friend in the art community, who convinced me that tumblr was not solely a place where hormonal pre-teens dwell and post their angsty pictures and diary entries.

My audience on this new website is small, but loyal. And apparently growing. Indeed, I posted a picture of a swallowtail butterfly which garnered two "likes" from two complete strangers! Yeah, they were both porn tumblrs specializing in pictures of naked woman bums and titled "assfans" and "myfantasticass," but I'll take it! Beggars can't be choosers, they say.

So hairy.
This was probably due to the fact that I used the hashtag "hairy."
It really is a hairy butterfly though!

Anyway, the point of the tumblr is a personal challenge to produce a "good" picture everyday as a means of working on my photography skills and to track my progress as I shoot for the stars, or closer to earth, National Geographic, or more realistically, 10 faves on flickr. Also, these are all going towards a project of sorts I'm tentatively dubbing "The Magical Temperate Northeast" (sarcasm in title).

Biger Teetle
"Wow! Look at that interesting beetle! It sure is interesting. I had no idea it lived in my backyard!"- Anonymous denizen from the northeastern United States.

For the normal human being (not you crazy nature people) a temperate woodland is seemingly far from magical. They're right in your backyard and don't have the allure of hyper-diverse tropical rainforests, but life is everywhere and if you look a little closer (or at my pictures!) it can be quite beautiful. Plus, there are a few things that are more diverse at higher latitudes than at the tropics, like salamanders and turtles!

King of the Muddy Wasteland
"Who needs poison dart frogs when you have this?!"-Blogger in denial

This is also part "ode to my childhood" (or rather entire existence as I still trudged around swamp with a net throughout college) as I revisit my old stomping grounds with camera in hand instead of net. Oh, who am I kidding, I still bring a net. In addition to old favorites like mayflies and tadpoles, I plan on adding some new species to the list like lizards and rattlesnakes and map turtles, oh my! Apparently there are lot of online services to create a photobook, so perhaps my pictures and sarcasm may someday exist in printed form. Coming soon to a theater near you.

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