Thursday, June 19, 2014

The End of Summer

Well, the summer's over. Remember, it's a magical world and you should go exploring. It's been a good run.

Fine, the it's only mid-June and there's still plenty of good sunshine left to bring out the reptiles, but I'll be leaving the magical realm known as the temperate northeast for a while due to personal-medical-unemployment reasons AKA no actual reason at all. Actually I'll be going somewhere with many lizards. And then somewhere new with pretty lizards. More on that later. So before I leave here are some updates to the cliffhangers left by the last few taxonimically oriented posts to close out the end of the middle of the season.

Snakes: I have learned how to find snakes. I've found nine snakes since my last post. I am getting snake fever. I am no longer satisfied unless I find a snake.

Smell ya later!

Turtles: I found the box turtle. It was a very pleasant experience. I love turtles.


Salamanders: I got a shot of the red backed gerrymander with the added bonus of a worm. See if you can tell the two apart.

Where have you been living, under a rock?

Frogs: are still omnipresent and I still take pictures of them.


The end. If you'd like to see my photographic progress from the whole season you can do so here. I've managed to produce 44 pictures in the month I've been exploring the badlands of the northeast, surpassing the 29 pictures I took in Florida. Yeah, yeah I was only in Florida for a week and there were way more reptiles, but despite the depauperate herpetofauna I've had a blast this past month getting to know the fauna of my childhood and what the buttons on my camera do.

Also, don't forget to submit your questions, comments, and criticism to the Super Fun 3000 Views Extravaganza Festival Q&A Party that is coming up once 3000 views are reached. This is thanks to all of you! Yes, even you spambots from Russia.

That's all folks!

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