Saturday, March 9, 2013

Galàpagos A' Go Go

For whatever reason, I'm excited for the Galàpagos now. The reptiles there are not my favorite, but I've never really lived on a boat so I think that's why my outlook changed.

Leaving early tomorrow morning and will not have internet access for a week. I'm planning on taking a lot of videos to document this once in a lifetime experience. Look forward to some crisp 1080 youtube gold with some hopefully witty and entertaining narration by your favorite blog artist.

The schedule of all the islands we are visiting:
Dìa 1                     Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Land here) - Isla Lobos (Galàpagos wolves here)
Dìa 2                     Santa Fè (New Mexico) - Plazas (Strip malls galore)
Dìa 3                     Pto. Ayora - Estaciòn Charles Darwin (Charles Darwin's grave)- highlands
Dìa 4                     Pto. Villamil - Humedales (the humid island) - Centro Arnaldo Tupiza
Dìa 5                     Punta Moreno - Bahìa Elizabeth
Dìa 6                     Caleta Tagus - Punta Espinoza
Dìa 7                     Puerto Egas - Ràbida (Why we needed rabies vaccinations)
Dìa 8                     Seymour Norte - Baltra (Fly home)

You are only allowed on the marked trails with a guide at all times. Once darkness hits you have to run back to your boat or else the extremely territorial nocturnal land iguanas will get you. We're going to snorkel almost everyday because the boats lack showers and this is the closest we can get to bathing.

See you in a week!

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