Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Pre-departure thoughts: I'm not that excited.

I say that now and I'm sure once I get there I will eat those words and the tortoises, but for now I am not enthused or hungry.

Here are the reasons for my lackluster attitude:
  1. We're not allowed to touch anything. 
    • Nature is meant to be grabbed.
  2. We get to snorkel
    • This happens in the ocean. I hate the ocean. 
  3. Marine iguanas are ugly.
  4. Land iguanas are ugly. 
That's all I can think of now. The one saving grace I can think of is the lava lizards, which are alright as far as lizards go. They don't look as stupid* as the iguanas and are pretty colorful.

Take a look:

Microlophus occipitalus
This is actually the supposed ancestor of the lava lizards on Galapagos that I captured on the mainland while at the coast. 
Microlophus occipitalus

Will Jon stop hating the ocean? Will he get arrested on the Galapagos for catching all the lizards he sees? How will he blog from Ecuadorian jail?

The answers to these questions and more, next time. When I get back from the Galapago on March 17th and maybe before I leave on the 10th. 

*Darwin himself wrote that these lizards exuded stupidity so this is not opinion, it is scientific fact.

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