Saturday, May 4, 2013

Amazonia 1: Introduction


The piece on Yasuni, some of which is filmed at Tiputini, that features my professor among others that I've been plugging for quite some time. Alright, back to the show.

I was just in Mindo, planning to stay the whole weekend and study this beautiful lizard, but left early. I fell in love with cloud forests early on this semester, but despite hearing an Andean bear rush off into the underbrush right in front of me, I didn't receive the same joy as when I first walked through these excessively lush and borderline magical places.

Not so magical anymore.

To be fair, this picture was taken at a different location (Santa Lucia) and is about thirteen times more lush than where I just was. Perhaps if I went there instead I might feel differently now, but the point of this story is that I miss rainforest. Prior to leaving for Tiputini, our professor told us that some Amazonian tribes believe that there is a spirit in the forest that tries to lure you deeper into the jungle never to return. He then joked that this is probably what kept him in South America for the past 20 years.

Who knows if I'll follow in the footsteps of my professor, but I sure as hell want to go back to the rainforest. While I was in Mindo, all I could think about was getting back to this magical place. Maybe I'll make it in the 12 days I have left. Probably not if I spend all this time writing about it instead. 

I'm sure this must be extremely boring to read since this isn't the usual sarcastic and misleading writing you're used to here, but that's just, like, your opinion, man. Here's a picture to lessen the dullness. 

We have to go back.

Thus begins my blogging about my month in the Amazon, although I should probably write about the Galapagos to be chronologically faithful. During the first week at Tiputini I actually fooled myself into thinking that the Galapagos was cooler! How stupid is that?

To be continued.

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