Saturday, May 18, 2013

Movie Making: Day 1, Hard at work

And we're back in the US. I've been really excited to start editing the videos I took over the past semester into something cool and now I finally have ample time to start. For now you can see random clips I've uploaded here.

The editing room/my room. 

So I woke up today and ate sushi for breakfast. Then I decided to turn on the TV and Animaniacs was on. What a great show. After four or five episodes I was hungry, so I ate some Popcorners. They are like popcorn in the shape of chips. They were flavored like kettle corn. Mmmm. Popcorn is the best bar snack. Not kettle corn, just regular salt/butter popcorn. I don't normally like snacks, but I love kettlecorn and popcorn. I should eat lunch now and Animaniacs is on until six, so... stay tuned.

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